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Credit Karma Free Credit Report - No Cost Credit Scores

Free Credit Karma Report - No Cost Credit Scores

  • View your overall credit history and public records information - confirm whether you've been affected by the 2017 Equifax security breach. The service is now free to Unites States consumers.
  • Confirm all of your payments have been properly reported and credited by the major credit bureaus. Misinformation can be common and cost thousands of dollars annually in higher interest rates from lenders.
  • View any bankruptcy records, wage attachments or possible liens issued in your name.
  • Access any monetary filings such as past evictions, overdue child support payments, foreclosures or fall behind on lease payments.
  • See what your creditors, insurers, landlord and employer see when they judge your overall credit worthiness and financial stability. Employers for instance can check your credit report & it's important that you do as well.
  • Receive assistance improving your credit through individual credit trending information and personalized debt analysis.

    * An improved credit report rating can mean lower interest rates and better financing terms on mortgages, car loans and credit cards.

    It's your right as a consumer -

  • Safeguard yourself from identity theft and fraud. Confirm no one has access to your personal accounts with retailers, banks, credit issuers, utility companies and lenders. Safeguarding yourself is more important than ever due to the 2017 Equifax security breach.
  • Your 2017 credit report offers real time assistance pointing out negative items and inaccuracies. You can now dispute false items with a click of a button. Receive simplified credit disputing for a faster credit recovery process.

Your Free Credit Karma Credit Report Can Be Viewed Below. *Only united states consumers can review their credit report as calculated from all 3 reporting agencies.

Free Karma Credit Report - Experian Credit Report

The Reality About Identity Theft After The Equifax Security Breach 2017

Unfortunately, Identity theft is here to stay. Educating yourself about identity theft and the Equifax Security Breach 2017 is your first line of defense. It's your identity, your life and your credit at stake. We're living in the information age and your information is out there just waiting to be stolen.

For the seventh straight year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Official Site reports identity theft as the largest consumer complaint and the fastest growing crime in America. Most identity theft victims never know their identity has been stolen until they get phone calls and letters from collections agencies or even the IRS telling them they owe money.

The reality: Fixing your identity is a nightmare. It should seem easy and straightforward but it's not. An average victim spends 300-600 hours to simply prove they're not a thief. Being proactive about the 2017 Equifax security breach can be paramount to U.S. consumers protection.

It's sad but true - if you're a victim of identity theft, creditors consider you guilty until you can prove you're innocent.

Some quick and easy things you can do for identity theft protection are:

  • - View your Credit Karma scores regularly
  • - Opt out of any unsolicited credit card offers
  • - Consider putting fraud alerts on your credit report
  • - Use ID theft monitoring from all 3 reporting agencies
  • - Buy a shredder and use it!
Your Free Karma Credit Report Can Be Viewed Below. *only united states consumers can review their credit report as calculated from all 3 reporting agencies.

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